Episode 44

Do you have a hard time figuring out what your man means or what he is thinking? You are not alone! The saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus definitely holds true when it comes to communication, so in Episode 44, the hosts of The Duo Podcast are sharing all about how to decipher man code!


Episode 42

Back on Episode 23, the hosts of The Duo Podcast hosted an in-depth conversation about body image and body positivity. They are firm believers that self-love is important and, in this episode, they are sharing how we can all make small changes to show our body the love it deserves and live a healthier lifestyle. 


Episode 41

Your favorite mother-daughter duo is BACK with the first episode of the BRAND NEW season of The Duo Podcast! In Episode 41, Cyndi and Allison hear  share all about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and how you can overcome fear of trying new things! The world is a big place, and we should never let fear cripple us from trying new things and breaking out of our comfort zones. 


Episode 40

So many of us spread ourselves thin all year long, but especially during the holidays! In their Season 1 Finale, Cyndi and Allison are discussing the mental health stigma in the African American community and sharing their own stories relating to depression and anxiety. They also share applicable self-care tips to help you add yourself to the list this holiday season.


Episode 38

November is officially here and that means that the holidays are around the corner! The hosts of The Duo are discussing when it's appropriate to bring a special someone home for the holidays, how to go about splitting the holidays between different sides of the family, and their favorite holiday traditions. 


Episode 37

In all relationships, disagreements are unavoidable. In Episode 37, Cyndi and Allison shed light on how they handle disagreements as mother and daughter and what communication skills can be utilized to ensure that arguments don't turn into fights in friendships, romantic relationships, and amongst family. 


Episode 36

Many women, including the co-hosts of The Duo, have struggled to feel special. So often, we feel regular, but in Episode 36, Cyndi and Allison are discussing how mothers can raise daughters who realize that they are unique and how we can all recognize just how far from regular we are. 


Episode 35

How fake is too fake? In Episode 35, Cyndi and Allison are discussing make-up and lash extensions, weaves, lace fronts, and chemically altered hair, butt pads and push-up bras, waist shapes, and cosmetic surgery. Find out what the hosts of The Duo think about enhancing your beauty the natural way and the not-so-natural way!


Episode 32

On Episode 32 of The Duo Podcast, Cyndi and Allison have an in depth conversation about not only gender roles in relationships, marriage, and parenting, but also gender stereotypes and how they may impact youth. Tune in to hear in what ways their opinions differ and in what ways they are the same, regardless of their generational differences. 


Episode 31

Due to her husband's career, Allison has spent a great deal of time living abroad. On Episode 31, Cyndi shares how she was able to let go in order to feel comfortable with her daughter moving overseas and Allison shares how she copes when away from her mom. The two also discuss lessons they've learned from living and traveling abroad. 


Episode 30

Cyndi and Allison's birthdays are just a little over a month apart. On Episode 30, they are talking all things birthday celebrations. Find out what Cyndi had to say to Allison about not being excited about turning 27 and why she goes all out to make a big deal of her birthday every year. The hosts also reflect on Allison's "My Super Sweet 16" and give advice for how parents can handle if their kids want over the top birthday parties. 


Episode 28

The hosts of The Duo Podcast are OFFICIALLY ready for some sweater weather. On Episode 28, they share some fashion trends for this fall and discuss which ones they can't wait to wear and which ones they'll be skipping. They also pose the question: "who do women dress to impress?" and discuss what/who motivates certain looks.  

Episode 26

Just like any relationship, the relationship between mothers and daughters is ever changing. In Episode 26, Cyndi and Allison address a listener question regarding how to deal with how the mother-daughter relationship changes once the daughter gets married. They also discuss the different stages of a mother/daughter relationship and how to navigate them in order to maintain a close connection. 


Episode 25

If you've been following The Duo, you know that Cyndi and Allison LOVE traveling together. The only thing they love more is traveling with their significant others. In this episode, the co-hosts discuss all things baecations including when in the relationship couples should start traveling together, who should pay, and what to do if you find yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn't value travel as much as you do.